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MPG ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme

Here’s a way to help to reduce your MPG Full Membership subscription costs.

For every friend you refer who qualifies and signs up for MPG Full Membership, you will receive £20 discount off your next MPG Membership renewal fee and the new member will receive a discount of £20 off their first annual subscription.

There is no limit to how many referrals you can make!

Refer 6 friends and enjoy your next year free!

You can keep going too! Any credit above £120 will roll over to subsequent years renewal fees.

To receive the credit you’ll need to make sure the person being referred quotes your name when they apply.

Happy referring!

The MPG Admin Team

Terms & Conditions
1. You will only receive credit if you are a Full Member at the time of referral.
2. Credit will only be applied when the person being referred quotes your name upon application.
3. No credit can be applied retrospectively.
4. Credit will only be awarded once the referred applicant has successfully been accepted as an MPG Full Member and their subscription payment has been processed.
5. The person you are referring must not have been a Full Member of the MPG for at least the previous 6 months.
6. No cash alternative is available. Credit is only awarded against payment on your future MPG Membership renewal fees.
7. Credit is non transferable.
8. The MPG reserves the right to decline an application to the ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme.

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