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*** Snap Studios


I like it there.

Still the most affordable, private and highest level of engineering for a vintage Neve studio in London.

Consistent and outstanding service and facilities.  Fantastic range of high quality and rare equipment kept in great conditions producing quality sound.

Great sound, great people.

I’ve been using Snap for the last few years.  Its a lovely environment with friendly and experienced staff.  They always take into account that I’m a young producer when pricing up jobs for me.  They have also helped me build my own studio down the road as a favour.  They put me in contact with the right people and advised on what gear to buy.  All in all its a great place to work.  Everyone I’ve recorded there loves it.  The rooms sound really nice too.

Snap is the child of Funky Junk and shares a simple ethos: music matters because music enriches lives.  Recording technology is a means to an end, a vehicle for creative, talented minds.  We started out wanting to achieve the best possible results from a limited budget, a pool of skilled people and a collection of personal recording equipment.  Just as important as the team that nursed Snap Studios into life are the clients who have supported us since opening.  Here at Funky, we can honestly say that we can’t think of a single session that has been less than stimulating.  In that respect, we’ve been privileged to host some of the most creative talents around.  We would love for Snap to win the 2017 Studio Of The Year award at the MPG’s; both as a respectable recognition to the unrelenting hard work of the whole team, and as a superb encouragement to continue developing our goal of making our facilities accessible to all the talented artists that deserve the best resources they can get.

Snap represents an experiment in combining the best in vintage and modern equipment, aiming to offer uncompromising quality and facilities, with traditional values.  We believe that the studio offers a unique mix, providing a home for adventurous musical and production talent, constantly evolving to suit the needs of clients, whilst remaining affordable and accessible.  2016 saw artists such as The Kooks and Spiritualised to Liam Gallagher and Tom Odell, with producers Dan Grech and James Ford choosing Snap as their first choice studio.  Snap proves that a small, independent venture can succeed by virtue of the skills and passion of those involved rather than money and marketing muscle.  Committed in offering those who care about their craft the opportunity to enjoy one of the best facilities in the UK at a price that helps them expand their talents to the limit.  It would be an honour and privilege to be considered for this award, at a time when the studio moves into an established one.

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