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How Do I Find A Record Producer?

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We get this question all the time…

The short answer is: “Go to the MPG Members Directory“, which you can find HERE.

You can search for producers, recording engineers, mixers and mastering engineers, based on the genre of music they work with, their location and the recording or technical facilities they offer.

However, please be aware that before a producer will consider working on your project, he or she will need some information about your plans, so please think about the following factors, and supply as much information as you can before contacting them:

• Specify the number of songs to be produced • Make demo recordings available for download or listening
• List the number of musicians/vocalists and the    instruments to be used • Indicate if any extra hired musicians will be needed to complete the project
• Supply details of your business plan • Do you have any plans for promoting the project?
• Do you have any professional representation, e.g. management, record company, publishing deals,
agent for live performances?
• Supply details of all your available equipment, both musical instruments, amplifiers, etc. and recording equipment/software
• Do you have a website, Facebook page, etc.?
If so, supply links
• Specify the location of the artists/songwriter/musician(s)
• What is the intended schedule for recording? • Supply as much information as you can about your project

Attention to these details will not only help the producer decide whether or not they’re suited to your project, but will also save a lot of time in achieving your aims.

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