Item uploaded 14 January 2014

Guild Acoustic Guitar D17m (& other items)

Guild Acoustic Guitar D17m – 1985 – US build – serial number 16100649 £500 – excellent condition – great for recording – large ‘dreadnought’ size body. No pick-up, original hard case included.

Novation Supernova 11 £400 – excellent condition

Akai S900 £150? – excellent condition


Auratone speakers £250? – excellent condition – owned since new (late ‘70s)

Bel BD-80 delay unit – classic 1980’s £250? – excellent condition

Opcode Studio 3 midi interface £offers – excellent condition

Revox B-77 mk 11 – classic 1980’s £750 – just serviced, otherwise excellent, all working great!

Tascam DA-302 dual DAT deck £offers – good condition – needs servicing.

Panasonic dual cassette deck £offers – excellent condition.

Atari 1040ST computer & mouse – classic 1980’s £50 – not sure if it still works.

Steinberg 24 manual – classic 1980’s £offers – excellent condition – no software but have the programme key.

Yamaha QX1 midi composer with custom flight case – classic 1980’s
£offers – works great with the Yamaha 816 midi rack – excellent condition – owned since new.

Roland – 727 – midi percussion machine – classic 1980’s £200 – excellent condition – owned since new.

Various other classic studio accessories £offers classic first ever studio guitar pre-amp – Scholtz.

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