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Why should you join the Music Producers Guild?

  • You will benefit from regular professional events, information forums and seminars.
  • You can promote your skills and services on your own profile page, in the Members Directory and upload audio files.
  • You can obtain generous discounts on pro-audio equipment purchases, industry services and equipment hire.
  • You can get access to legal, financial and professional advice (Full members only).
  • You can vote for the short lists of the annual MPG Awards (Full members only).
  • You can communicate with other members via the MPG Forum.
  • You can add your voice to the industry body which represents your profession via the MPG and UK Music.
  • You will meet other people in the field of music production and pro-audio, and make new contacts.
  • You can learn from experienced professionals and discuss ideas.
  • You can attend equipment demonstrations and lock-out studio visits.

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Here’s a selection of enthusiastic comments from existing members:

Being a member of MPG has opens up doors for me in the world of music by being a member of the judging panel .
Whilst being on the panel I had the pleasure of meeting producers , vocalist,mastering engineers and the people right at the top who have been involved in the MPG awards from the very beginning.
I am also in communications with members discussing how we could attract versatile producers from other genres.
There is and always will be challenges when selecting unsung heroes of music .

Roni Size


It’s an honour to be part of this community of forward-thinking, talented minds shaping the future of music.

Marta Salogni


Being a member of the MPGs gives you a much needed feeling of support. It’s good to know there are like minded people out there who you can discuss any issues with and get advice from. You kind of feel part of a team.

Alan Moulder


Being a record producer is a ‘lone wolf’ job – the MPG put me in touch with a great community
of kindred spirits!

Mike Howlett


The MPG is a community of producers and engineers who benefit from contact that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. This includes strong links with its American counterpart, The Producers & Engineers Wing of the Grammy Organisation.

Mick Glossop


Because I grew up in a music business that had a strong social aspect to it I have found that
being actively involved in MPG has enabled me to re-connect with that aspect of the industry
that I believe to be crucially important. In these days of cyberspace existence the MPG offers
a tangible way to keep in touch with other like minded (and contradictory) creative people.
Tony Platt

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